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Zumbé, A. "Natra introduces authentic reduced fat chocolate powders - this is perhaps the biggest single innovation in the chocolate industry in the last 150 years". Presentation. International Food Technology Exhibition, New Orleans, 2001.

Reduced fat and low fat chocolate powders are made from full fat, conched milk and plain chocolate from which some or virtually all of the fat is removed. The two types of chocolate powders being offered are: 1) with 10% fat and 2) virtually fat free (<0.5% fat) and they enable the development of reduced and low fat chocolate foods with authentic quality chocolate taste and aroma. For both ingredients the fat is physically removed with a proprietary process, resulting in products entirely free of solvents and other chemical additives. The particle size of the chocolate powders is predominantly less than 20 microns thus imparting a smooth taste and aroma without any grittiness. The ingredients are ideal for the development of reduced and low fat foods which could not previously be manufactured using full fat chocolate or where a reduced fat or low fat claim is required. The use of intense cocoa and chocolate flavours does not compensate for the bulk chocolate powder as demonstrated with both trained panels and consumer panels.

Examples of reduced and low fat chocolate powder applications include: sauces/syrups (in which the chocolate solids content can be increased typically to 20%), spreads (in which the chocolate solids are increased typically to over 60%), icing sugars, fondant and creams, beverages (highly soluble reduced fat chocolate aggregate and granules in which the chocolate solids content can be increased to virtually 100%) and chocolate milk and soya liquid beverages, reduced fat chocolate countlines and reduced fat chocolate chips and pellets. Usage can be extended to ice cream, yoghurts, mousses, desserts, custard, biscuits, cakes, wafers and all sorts of sugar confectionery where an authentic chocolate taste is required but avoiding the use of full fat chocolate and/or intense (and more often than not non-natural) chocolate flavours. The introduction of large percentages (previously unknown) into traditional sugar confectionery e.g. pressed tablets, hard boilings, marshmallows, toffee and fudge for example will break down the traditional barrier of classical chocolate bars and sugar confectionery!

These ingredients should not be confused with a simple mix of reduced fat or low fat cocoa and sugar, which retains the characteristic cocoa taste profile which is unpleasant in large proportions. This development is significant for consumers who in future will be able to enjoy a highly desirable quality taste across an extended range of food products. Furthermore, the ingredients enable the development of many reduced and low fat chocolate foods containing no artificial ingredients or additives, both of which are often perceived as unacceptable by health-conscious consumers. In summary, this is a true and timely innovation that will definitely set higher quality chocolate taste standards in a whole variety of products previously simply not possible.

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